Norsk - Deutch

Experience summer at Levanger
central - ideal for longterm renting


  • 90 outlets for electric power
  • sanitary buildings
  • showers/wc
  • Every room is equipped for cooking
  • Cabins are open all year
  • beachvolley
  • outdoor grill
  • playground for children
  • benches and tables
  • fishing possibilities
  • Wide areas for different activities
  • ideal for children
  • sportspark
  • tennis


Levanger may offer you many activities and a beautiful countryside.

Fjords, rivers, lakes, mountains - a unique plant and animal life.
For example upper Forra natural park and the exhibition at Skalstugga.

Trade and restaurants

Levanger has a long tradition as a centre of trade. The town centre and Magneten shopping centre have offers satisfying most demands

Levanger has one of the oldest and best tradition in arranging fairs and two big fairs are arranged every year, one good restaurants offering exciting menus.

Contact & Prices

Visit us at: Moan
Address: PB 249, 7601 Levanger
Phone: 4000 7006
Mobile: 932 49 586
Manager: Jan Mosling


Cabin/day kr 815,-
Caravan/day kr 250,-
Car w/tent kr 230,-
MC w/tent: 200,-
Tent kr 190,-
Electricity/day kr 30,-